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Always wanted to look out over a historical city from your living room? Or always wanted to live at a courtyard, with the city center around the corner? Toren (Tower) has it all. 

TOREN, in the city of Hoorn offers 209 apartments, each with their own story to tell. Every apartment has an unique quality, for example by having your own entrance, or a spacious view over the garden over the old city center and the IJsselmeer at the higher apartments or a location at the courtyard.


Only half an hour away from Amsterdam a luxurious and spacious residential tower and apartment block is in the making, a beautiful alternative for living in Amsterdam: The Tower (de Toren). The residential tower has 69 luxurious apartments and the apartment block has 140 apartments. The Tower will be the new city gate to the historical center of the Dutch town Hoorn. Hoorn is a city with picturesque harbors and canals, monumental buildings and is beautifully situated at the IJsselmeer. Hoorn has everything a modern city dweller can ask for: lots of shops, restaurants, bars and terraces, a grand theater and beautiful museums. The apartments are spacious, with 72-137 and with three bedrooms. The top of the building is a penthouse of 313 m² with a spec­tacular view over the old city and the IJsselmeer. You can park your car in the closed garage underneath the complex. In short: luxurious, comfortable, peace and quiet in an urban environment, only one train stop away from Amsterdam. Are you interested?



2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room apartments – 
6 floors - varying from 50 to 144 m2 – 
price from € 169.500, -

Residential Tower

2-, 3- and 4 room apartments - 18 floors - from 73 - 137 m2  Price from € 281,000 to € 655,000 

Skyhouse - spacious, bright apartments with a view over the beautiful Hoorn.


Blue Sky - Penthouse with large roof terrace. Panoramic view of IJsselmeer - 313 m2 of own classification possible. Ceiling height 5.50 meters

Blue Horizon - Penthouse with large roof terrace. View Provincialeweg - 285 m² - own classification possible. Ceiling height 5.50 meters


Sales information

General information

Geert Scholtenslaan 10
1687 CL Wognum
0229 - 281820


Residential Tower & Penthouse

Burgemeester Commandeurlaan 2
1687 BH Wognum
(0229) 57 3600

Veemarkt 28
1621 JC Hoorn
0229 27 27 12



De Hypotheker

Dal 8
1621 HP Hoorn
0229 - 230001


Nieuwe Steen 29
1625 HV Hoorn
0228 - 566200